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    Real Estate

    Relocating to Hoi An: Some good advise

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    More and more people are making the move, you may have visited Hoi An in the past (maybe several times) and you are perhaps having some thoughts about living here so here are a few advises on successfully making the move. So first what you need to be allowed to rent a house in Hoi…

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    Trekking in the Jungle: Pure Path a must do while in Hoi An

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    Pure Path is a relatively new tour so not many visitors are aware but just joined in this Sunday and I had an amazing day. The tour starts off in the morning, they arrange a hotel pick up and off you go for about an hour’s drive up the mountain West of Da Nang. The…

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    COCO BOX: Rustic Café, juice bar & Farm Shop

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    Newly opened venue, COCO BOX is already a place that many would have heard of and that is more than well deserved. I attempt in this blog to mention businesses that stand out because the lack of variety in Hoi An can be somehow overwhelming (400+ tailors, 100 shoes shops etc…). COCO BOX went for…

  • Villagecraft Planet hemp field

    Villagecraft planet: A new take on the work of Ethnic minorities

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    Villagecraft planet is a great little outlet in Hoi An that deserves a visit. The owners a Canadian man and his Vietnamese wife have long felt inspired with the methods of embroidery of the ethnic minorities in the North of Vietnam but also the use of Hemp as fabric in the creation of their products….

  • cua_dai_beach1

    The weather in Hoi An

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    When is the best time of year to visit Hoi An? The climate in Hoi An is tropical. I would say that half of the year’s weather is highly predictable and the other half is everything but predictable. If you read any guides, it is the monsoon from September to November / December, the winter…

  • Sad-Tripadvisor
    Custom made

    The most outrageous trip advisor reviews in Hoi An

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    Top 5 of the most outrageous reviews on TA in Hoi An All this time of procrastinating on websites and in occurence Trip advisor is now going to pay off! For your greatest reading pleasure, here is my top 5: 1 – They made me cry 116 Terrible reviews vs 3 excellent reviews “These people…

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    Nightlife in Hoi An – Top 5

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    Hoi An is a great town for shopping but when it comes to nightlife it can be rather quiet compared other cities in Vietnam. I will outline 5 venues that stand out from other bars in Hoi An. No backpacker bars in this list. 1 – Soul Kitchen Located on An Bang beach, Soul kitchen…

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    4 things that are a lot cheaper in Hoi An than home

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    Most people think of the obvious shopping for clothe but there are few things in Hoi An that cost a lot cheaper that what it would cost you back home and the standard of service is very good. 1. The dentists in Hoi An This price list was taken from a dentist I have used…

  • banh_mi
    street food

    Banh mi in Hoi An: Where and what price?

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    Banh Mi in Hoi An Famous in the whole of Vietnam but particularly good in Hoi An, one can’t visit the town without stopping by one of those street stalls selling bánh mì. (En: Baguette sandwich) Pretty decent fix for a breakfast, there are plenty of different recipes either based of meet / paté depending…

  • showroom-a-dong-silk

    Tailor shops in Hoi An

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    More than 400 tailors in Hoi An so how to chose? There are many reasons for people to visit Hoi An and for most making tailor made clothes is their list of ‘things to do’ when visiting. BUT… There are more than 400 tailors and still new ones opening every month so just like getting…