Photo galleries and art studios in Hoi An

Apart from shopping, Hoi An is also the home of many artists who have found their inspirations in occurrence from the town’s beautiful architecture but just like finding the right shop, there are many galleries and quite often displaying the same artwork so here are my recommendations on the best galleries and art studios to visit while in Hoi An.

Photo galleries in Hoi An

For photo galleries in Hoi An I have two recommendations, one from a photographer who focuses on portraits and the other more towards landscapes.

1. Couleur D’Asie

Couleur D’Asie opened its doors in October 2014, and within days of opening has attracted a lot attention. His gallery is located near the central market of Hoi An on Nguyen Hue street, no7.

The gallery features mostly the work of Rehahn Photographer who is photographies have made a real media buzz around the world with photos features in the National Geographic magazine, the Time (UK), globe trotter and many more.

He currently has more than  140,000 fans on his facebook page. (source:

His photos are mainly of portraits of young children and elderly people. Here is to give you a little taste of his best shots:

In his gallery, you will also get a chance of seeing the works of Manny Librodo (Philippines) & Rarindra Prakarsa (Indonesia)

Also, available his gallery is Rehahn’s first publication “Vietnam Mosaic of contrasts”.

Cards-767x768Couleur D’Asie

Address: 7 Nguyen Hue street, Hoi An









2. Hoi An fine art gallery

Another must see photo gallery in Hoi An; Hoi An fine art gallery feature the photos of a French photographer, Etienne bossot has  been living in Hoi An since 2007 and photography which began as a hobby became his full time job. Etienne opened the first photo tour and workshop in 2009. Following the success of his tour, Etienne opened his photo gallery in 2013. See some of his work below:

etienne Hoi An fine art gallery

Address: 42 Phan Boi Chau street, Hoi An


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