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The most outrageous trip advisor reviews in Hoi An

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Top 5 of the most outrageous reviews on TA in Hoi An

All this time of procrastinating on websites and in occurence Trip advisor is now going to pay off!
For your greatest reading pleasure, here is my top 5:

1 – They made me cry


116 Terrible reviews vs 3 excellent reviews

“These people are criminals. My whole suitcase was stolen from my room during the night as i slept, i had locked my door before going to bed. When i woke i was mad. i went to reception and they laughed about it, a really evil belly laugh. Police didnt help, lack of evidence. Our guests had similar experiences, one girl had her guide dog robbed, who does that?..Shes blind and that dog was her best friend. please dont stay in this kip. “



Some headlines:

We made a cockroach trap it was that infested!!!!

I rather be homeless

Lying thieves!

The worst hotel in the world

2 – Shoe shop or flight club???

“Fight club round 2”

As a reviewer has posted below, the owner of the shop is mental! We went in to look, became interested in a few pairs and began negotiating on the price. The price seemed great but as it was the first shoe shop we had been in, we wanted to shop around and check prices. When we left the manager went mental and grabbed me by the arm, told me I couldn’t leave – I was already outside – and raised his fist to my girlfriend. STAY AWAY, I felt sorry for all the people who were still in there buying shoes!


 3 – Physically assaulted by the owner before we even got a chance to order..

“Came in and sat down to order lunch and since the menu was in both English and Vietnamese my girlfriend began to take some pictures of it for future reference when we’re in more rural places with no options in English.

Straight away the owner came storming over to us, slammed his fist on the table and shouted ‘NO PICTURE’, then stood over my girlfriend while he made her delete every one. I asked why and tried to explain but he simply shouted at me ‘BECAUSE I NO LIKE’. The whole experience was so jarring that we got up to leave. On our way out I turned back to note down the name of the place so we could warn others about it, and the owner became even more aggressive, started shouting at me and then quite literally chased me down the street. This culminated in him taking off one of his shoes and violently throwing it at me.

Absolutely not the kind of experience you would expect from a pleasant little town like Hoi An, or just about anyway for that matter. I stealthily caught the whole experience on a GoPro camera (feel free to send me a message if you’d like to see the video!), and at best I could say that the owner’s violent and aggressive reaction was over-exaggerated and unjustified to the point of being farcical, but at the time it was really quite frightening.

Couldn’t comment on the food obviously..

Avoid at all costs, I’m sure he would have smashed my camera or seriously assaulted me if he’d caught up with me.”


4 – Creep

“I done a easy rider tour with a guy named Nhat and he was an absolute creep! I am a female travelling on my own and he made the experience awful! He got into my hotel room while I was showering and said he was sleeping in my bed as there were no other rooms, after I said no and to get out he then tried to get with me so I had to push him out of my room. It was terrifying experience and the next day I was stuck with him again but luckily there were two other girls who I had told so was looking out for me.
It would have been so lovely apart from the driver!”

5 – Avoid at all costs, life is too short

“We were looking for somewhere to eat one night and walked past this place, being invited in by a cheerful looking girl outside. I applied the usual reasoning that if it looks busy, it can’t be too bad and boy did I come to regret giving into that nugget of wisdom.

The woman who runs the place is the rudest, most miserable looking person I have ever been confronted with. She barked at staff and customers alike, without the slightest courtesy.

The rest of the staff are not quite as bad but are still unfriendly and lacking in the manners that you come to expect from a restaurant in SE Asia but working for that woman, I can almost understand it.

We ordered 1 starter to share first and 3 main courses but the first thing to appear, after only about 3 minutes was one of the mains, steamed rice with chicken. It turned out that the chicken was stone cold and when the waitress was informed of this she stuck her fingers into the mass of chicken to confirm before whisking it away muttering to herself.

It returned no more than 3 minutes later after obviously having been stuck in a microwave, the upshot being the rice was now rock solid and needed power tools to tackle. The person who ordered it quietly told us they would not be eating it for fear of the results and would wait for us to finish, although there was no sign of any other food including the starter.

At this point the waitress thrust two plates of food in front of me in succession with me pointing out that I had not ordered them and then taking them away without explanation or apology. One of them was a most unappealing mess of something round and dark, smothered totally by what looked like tinned, chopped tomatoes.

A minute later a table next to us complained loudly after receiving the dish and discovering it wasn’t the Tuna steak she ordered but something unidentified being passed off as Tuna. The unmoved manageress just told her flatly that they didn’t have any Tuna and that she could have chicken if she didn’t want what was served up. The girl who ordered the food pointed out that she was a vegetarian and asked, not unreasonably, why they didn’t point out earlier they had no Tuna instead of trying to cover whatever it was they had substituted instead with tomatoes and pass it off.
At this point at another table the newly arrived occupants departed suddenly making excuses and being chased by the staff demanding to know why they were not staying. My guess is one of them had looked at TripAdvisor and seen the reviews just in time to save themselves.

At this point, we all decided that it just wasn’t worth the risk of staying about to find out what may be served up to us when the food eventually arrived. We approached the boss and asked for the bill of what we had ordered which she was unable to supply, instead tapping furiously into a calculator and giving us a figure. We paid up and left with her aggressively chasing us demanding to know what the problem was and ignoring the reasons given in response.

In summary, after 15 years of traveling in Asia, this was the worst restaurant experience I have had and I wish that I had looked on TripAdvisor before entering as I normally do.

Hoi An has some great restaurants and I just feel sorry for those that blunder into this one by mistake as we did.



Funny how people tend to check meticulously the top businesses on TA but forget to check out the worsts! General advise if a business has a ratio of more negative reviews than positives ones chances are you are on for a bad experience.

Note that I am NOT a big fan of TA but in general I would rely more on a business that has 100 + reviews than a business that reached top 10 with 20 reviews.

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