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    Scams in Hoi An – Top 7

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    Scams in Hoi An: The classic ones that can be avoided once you know!   1# Parking scams What’s great about Hoi An is that they close the old town for motorcycles which means you can walk freely around the old quarter without risking being ran over, the bad news if you rented a scooter…

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    shoe shops in Hoi An

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    More than 100 shoe shops in Hoi An, how to chose? Hoi An is famous for its tailors but to some extent the shoe shops are catching up. A town where 10 years ago there were only a thousand tailors and shoe shops, things have changed. So, how to chose the right shop? The first…

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    Prices in Hoi An: Useful guideline

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    Useful price list of things that will save you some serious money! Scooter and bicycle rentals: The best way to get by around Hoi An is to rent a scooter or a bicycle: Scooter rental / 24h. Price: from 80,000 vnd to 100,000 vnd Bicycle rental / 24h. Price: 20,000 vnd Caution: Most scooter renters…

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    Shopping in Hoi An – Top 10

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    Shopping in Hoi An – Top 10 Must do This is ‘my list’ of shops that visitors sometimes miss because they rely too much on their beloved travel guide or… their tour guide. Being a resident the list below are those shops which I would have liked as a visitor to be told of. If…

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    Custom made

    Custom made: 5 useful tips

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    5 useful tips when shopping for custom made in Hoi An 1- Time! The typical response that you will receive from a tailor or shoe shop is that your order will be ready “tomorrow”; that might be right during the low seaon but not at pick time. Plus there will always be some readjustments to…