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Relocating to Hoi An: Some good advise

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More and more people are making the move, you may have visited Hoi An in the past (maybe several times) and you are perhaps having some thoughts about living here so here are a few advises on successfully making the move.

So first what you need to be allowed to rent a house in Hoi An,  is a 3 month visa – That’s all.

Once entering the country with a 3 month visa, normally you would be entitled to 2 to 3 extensions.

**Important** – Try if possible to enter Vietnam through Ho Chi Minh City as extensions will be cheaper.


This can be difficult and seriously time consuming, let’s not forget the language barrier as well. Prices on offer would be like visiting the local market, a palace for 500 usd and a shack for the same price.

Then there are all the formalities that must be in check, the house needs a licence to be rented out and still many owners rent without one, if the house is controlled, you are evicted. Getting the rent back can be tricky.

Since early 2012, Nha Toi Real Estate opened its doors, run by Westerner, Alex Hartley and his small team. They are the name in town if you are looking for a house. They take all the stressful parts of relocating here away from the clients and deal with it in a very professional manner.


Nha Toi Real Estate has helped most new arrivals in finding a home, the process is easy:

1 / Email them with your requirements, dates of arrival – the more info the better

2/ They will set up a time to show you properties

3/ Move in which can be as early as 24h prior to viewing, they will arrange contract and negotiate any demands the clients may have.

4 / During tenancy, they are your point of contact which takes away the language barrier and gets issues resolved without putting any stress to it.

Nha Toi Real Estate focuses on residential as well as commercial property rentals and properties for sale, the website is updated on a weekly basis.

Price guidelines (price / month):

$150 – 200 will get you a room or small 1 bedroom apartment

$250 – 300 will get you a 1-2 bedroom apartment or a small house

$350 – 400 will get you a comfortable 1-2 bedroom house

$450 – 600 will get you a decent family size house (3-4bedrooms)

$600 – more will get you better comfort

$1000+ – Very comfortable and potentially has a pool


Nha Toi Real Estate

Address: 12 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hoi An


Tel: (+84) 01 262 77 44 21

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