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More than 100 shoe shops in Hoi An, how to chose?

Hoi An is famous for its tailors but to some extent the shoe shops are catching up. A town where 10 years ago there were only a thousand tailors and shoe shops, things have changed. So, how to chose the right shop?

The first thing one sees as they arrive in Hoi An, is ‘WOW’ so many shops as they step out their hotel they realize most shops are selling the same things: Scarfs, ties, tailors, shoe shops, souvenirs… How can you possibility know which ones are selling genuine gear??

There is no answer per Se but a doubt grows that most of what these shops are selling are most likely coming from China rather than Vietnam. I confirm yes that’s the case!

The focus here is on shoes so I will stay on topic.

Shoes in Hoi An:

Most visitors of Hoi An will eventually go to a tailor but will also go to a shoe shop to get a good pair of tailor made shoes so here is my top advice from experience:

1#  Too much choice
There are + 100 shoe shops but most are selling fake leather sandals so 1st filter these out unless your looking for a pair of shoes that can be worn just once… or maybe twice if you are lucky.

2# Come in please, buy something
If you hear this ‘motto’ you are in trouble don’t fall in this trap, if you do, you will be walking out of the shop with two pairs of crappy flip flops and a pair of smart shoes that you will never wear once you realize that you bought yourself a pair of fake leather shoes.

3# Pajamas (combined with ‘come in please!’)
Even worst  a women  or 2 wearing plastic sandals with pajamas actually telling you what shoes you should buy. A serious: fake leather, glue alert… Be aware… They themselves wouldn’t tell the difference.

4# Trip Advisor
Although I have become rather skeptical on tripadvisor reviews for restaurants due to too many reviewers obviously having some sort of ‘sympathy’ towards the owners, I have to admit that for shops tripadvisor’s reviews are quite spot on.

5# Yes no problem
Typical Vietnam not just for shopping but Vietnam is the country of ‘YES’. Rather than lose face and tell you they can’t do, they will and of course the result will be in fact we couldn’t do it but that’s okay, RIGHT?… ‘mmm’ no not at all but you still have to pay.

I could go on and on and on….. After many failed attempt at getting a proper of shoes right, one shop as finally delivered and I must in all occasions, Not only for me but since then for all friends / acquaintances that I have sent there (no commission, I promise!)


Located in the busy area of town near the central market, in a tiny little shop on Tran Phu street number 18, they have never failed to satisfy my demand, maybe I am picky BUT from reviews written on tripadvisor and others it seems I am not the only one to praise them.

Why I chose Friendly shop in Hoi An?

1# The service
Professional, good English speaking and very attentive to detail. (I am peaky)

2# The leather
They have some good leather stocked up, I used to be in the industry so I can tell from fake to good leather quite easily.

3# Guarantee
No Like = No Pay, I think its pretty decent of them to do that. Most shops in Hoi An if you don’t get what you want all you get in return is ‘sorry’. But you pay!

4# the knowledge
The owner, Ms Thong is switched on and you can tell that she is the driving force behind this business. She knows what she is talking about and her knowledge is faultless.

5# No glue business
All stitching – no glue. Sounds like no big deal but if you buy a pair of shoes in hoi an, 90% of the time they don’t stitch so…. within a couple days or weeks, in the most inappropriate time of course, your shoe will fall apart.

I could state more and I will when I get a chance but main conclusion is if you want to make shoes in Hoi An go to Friendly shop.

Friendly shop

Address: 18 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An

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