Shopping in Hoi An – Top 10

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Shopping in Hoi An – Top 10 Must do

This is ‘my list’ of shops that visitors sometimes miss because they rely too much on their beloved travel guide or… their tour guide. Being a resident the list below are those shops which I would have liked as a visitor to be told of. If you remove all the tailors, souvenir shops and shoes shops of Hoi An, the place would almost look like a ghost town. Here is my list of places that you should not miss!


The Ô collective combines talents and great brands in an atmospheric space where shoppers can have a respite from the busy streets of Hoi An and the many tailor and souvenir shops.

It is a one of a kind premium retail concept, known for its breadth of quality Vietnam originated brands offering all shoppers a unique product and shopping experience. It ‘stands out’ from the ‘rest’, since I live here it has become my source of inspiration when it comes to gifts, I personally contacted them to tell us a bit more about what they offer, here it is:

To give you a few tasters of what treasures await you under the umbrella of the Ô collective:

amaï – An eclectic range of soft pastel coloured handmade homeware
Bohemian Luxe A luxurious unconventional brand for the spirited world traveller.
CUSHnArt Images inspired by daily life in Vietnam on cushions! Why should walls have all the fun?
Dragonfly A ‘funky’ and ‘chic’ fashion range for free spirited women.
KeKe Artisanal tech accessories, with each I-Phone case being hand-painted by local artist for one of a kind accessories
Saigon Kitsch – A themed collection of Vietnam memorabilia winning ultimate holiday gift kudos.
Very Ngon Homeware printing 1900 century images onto classic linned homeware products
WEAR ‘untucked’ Ready-to-wear men’s collection- featuring a collection of effortlessly stylish resort-wear and accessories.
WOO when buying Woo, you not only get a beautiful sentenced candles, but also support local communities through their project “World of opportunities”


The Ô collective

Address: 85 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An
Facebook page:








With more than a hundred shoe shops in town and the number still growing, it’s not easy to chose the right one. Without being skeptical about making shoes in Hoi An, I have tried a good dozen in the past and friends have as well and it was always very mediocre. I fell in the trap that are mentioned in some of my articles such as fake leather, glued sole etc… Plus generally paying too much for what I got.

Then, I was recommended friendly shop and since I was done to my last flip flop and my friends new shoes looked great I gave them a ‘chance’. I won’t make a list of all the pairs of shoes they have done for me but a fair few and for friends as well and I am extremely satisfied with the shoes. They also do a great after sell customer care, they guarantee the shoes for up to 3 month after purchase which to me is probably too nice!

What makes them stand out?

1# The leather
They source the best leather available & they stock up so as to not run out like others. No fake or tainted leather here.

2# Guarantee
From what I know the only shop in Hoi An that offers full reimbursement if not satisfied. No like = No pay is their slogan. That does cut the risks to Zero in buying from them.

3# No glue all stitching
Again something that I may repeat a bit too much, if you are going to get shoes made in Hoi An but its all glued up then if you are lucky they might survive the holiday but they won’t be good to use for long. Whether its friendly shop or another, make sure that they do it!

4# No credit card charge
Again no big deal but its sort of always annoys me to see businesses charge their shop’s bank fees onto the client. Its 3% and Friendly shoe shop covers that.



Address: 18 Tran Phu street, Hoi An

Reviews speak for themselves:






For amateurs of photography this new gallery is a must visit.
Couleur D’Asie only opened a since October 2014 and its already attracting many photo fans their.

Réhahn, is a French photographer and is now recognized worldwide for his photos of portraits, this gallery features more than 100 photos with some big formats on limited editions only. Most of the photos were taken in remote areas of Vietnam but there are also some beautiful photos from Rajasthan (India) , Indonesia and Thailand.

His gallery also displays the photos of renowned Manny Librodo (Philippines) and Rarindra Prakarsa (Indonesia).

Hidden-smile-1024x682COULEURS D’ASIE
Address: 7 Nguyen Hue, Hoi An








Another great shop not to be missed, HAY HAY is a locally run art collective shop in Hoi An. They discover, promote and support local artists of all mediums from around the Country. Local artists that they are supporting in making a livelihood from their passion whom would have otherwise not have been able to pursue their dreams.

HAY HAY currently features artwork from 7 artists and the list is growing, from paints to handmade bags to notebooks, its a perfect stop for gift ideas.


Address: 155 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An
Facebook page:


Owned by the same owners as Friendly shop another great reference when it comes to custom made leather bags in Hoi An.

The first custom made leather bag shop in Hoi An, this shop quickly became the ‘place to go’ for bags. They can make travel bags, handbags, laptop, IPad cases, wallets and plenty more. Just like shoes if you have a particular design that you want them to make bring along photos and they will prepare a drawing.

Just like Friendly shop, they only offer genuine leather bags and suede lining and offer 100% reimbursement if not satisfied.  No Like = No Pay.













Address: 44 Phan Boi Chau street, Hoi An



Another great option to buy some very original high quality T-shirts with some great designs depicting Vietnam’s lifestyle

P1080057 bieu tuong i pho 3If you have been in Vietnam, chances are you have seen this T-shirt (left), although there is the ‘real’ papaya t-shirts and there are unfortunately all the fakes made with substandard materials. Papaya t-shirts are 100% cotton and I have always been a big fan of their work and its always nice seeing their new drawings.

Their work always hints on the funny side of Vietnam, which will all come to notice when visiting such as the crazy electric cables, bikes that carry anything, the famous Pho of course and so on…

Address: 271 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Hoi An


7. Tò He

All products on display are inspired by selected artwork of disadvantaged children. Portion of the profits come in funding creative class & scholarship programs for these talented children.

tohe  tohe_hang

They offer wide range of producs such as bags, school accessories, kids toys and clothing.

Tò He
Address: 95 Bach Dang street, Hoi An
Facebook page:



Mentioned in other articles in this blog, BeBe tailor is my one stop shop for tailor made clothing in Hoi An.

Her work probably constitutes 80% of my wardrobe, but as I work here I got some shirts and trousers made; They have a very wide range of quality fabric in their 2 shops and the staff are very helpful in giving some recommendations. Very pleased with their work and considering the + 1000 reviews they receive on TA, I am not the only one.


bebe-clothshop-tailor2 BeBe Tailor
Address: 11 Hoang Dieu street, Hoi An







Metiseko is another shop that should be in your shopping list. They offer a wide range of fashion products and homewear items all created using 100% organic cotton. Their concept is very innovative and you will not find similar products elsewhere in Vietnam, there products are pure creations and they have made a name for themselves.

In their shops, you will find dresses, children clothes, homeware and accessories.

metiseko metiseko2

Address: 3 Chau Thuong Van street, Hoi An



Last but not least, Reaching out is a fair trade gift shop started by a Vietnamese couple, led by Le Nguyen Binh who is himself disabled.

The shop only employs disabled artisans and the profits are put back into the enterprise to train and employ more artisans all over Vietnam. At Reaching out, you will unique handicraft gifts only seen in their shop.

The reviews of Reaching out on TA are glowing:
” Amazing work!” “Reaching out craft shop, a very special place” “beautiful products” “Make sure to visit!” and the reviews keep coming!


reaching_outREACHING OUT
Address: 103 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An








That’s it for now, if you have a special recommendation that you think deserves to be on that list, please comment or email me at and I will review your suggestions.

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