The weather in Hoi An

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When is the best time of year to visit Hoi An?

The climate in Hoi An is tropical. I would say that half of the year’s weather is highly predictable and the other half is everything but predictable. If you read any guides, it is the monsoon from September to November / December, the winter from December to January, spring from February / April and the summer from may until August.

In general, the best time of year to visit Hoi An is March and April, most days are sunny and the temperature is very bearable at an average temperature of 27 degrees Celcius (80 F) and evenings drop a bit around 23-24 C. (75 F)

Summer: May to August

In May, it is the start of the summer and temperatures can rise up to 35 degrees, so unless you are acclimatised to this sort of heat, it might not be the best time to visit. However, on a good note there are very few tourists during May and June so you will be getting good deals on accommodation and Hoi An would just feel a bit more ‘local’.

June - July are the pick of the summer and temperatures can reach up to 38-40 degrees Celsius, not the easiest of weather if you are planning to walk around the old town. There tends to be a good breeze at beach that eases the ‘pain’ if you want to cool off.

In August, the weather starts to change and it is relatively common to have temperatures rise up to late afternoons followed by some heavy rain that helps to drop the temperatures down.

The Monsoon season: From October until…?

Most if not all the guides and travel websites state that September is the start of the Monsoon season but in fact September is actually a good month to visit, the temperatures have dropped closer to those of March and April and it is quite common to have rain on late afternoons but small chance of rain during the day time. This is what I have observed in the past 6 years.

October, this is when the weather starts to get pretty unpredictable from now until Jan – Feb. Generally, yes there is a very high chance that you will experience some form of rain or bucket full of rain that just doesn’t stop. But again it is possible, to experience perfect sunny weather that time of year, that was the case in 2014, whereas last year all the way from October to February it was hard to even get a chance of getting a glimpse of sunshine.

Hoi An is flooded almost every monsoon season, this generally happens between October and November. The town center is best visited on a boat…

flood hoi an

November is rather doomed with rain and in most cases December follows suit but with this temperatures drop down to about 20 – 22 degrees Celsius which with the high percentage of humidity in air does make it feel a lot colder at times.

The weather in January to February are a real hit or miss. Either the ‘winter’ is still following through or the weather is improving. Not the best time of year for a beach holiday but nevertheless the weather is very liveable for excursions in and around Hoi An.

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